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We are happy to meet individuals and their families to explain how we work and whether our service may be suitable for you. This is always at no cost and with no obligation. We are willing to travel to meet individuals in their own home; indeed, there is a benefit in seeing a person within their home environment. Equally, if a meeting in our offices is preferred, although our main location is Manchester city centre, we have a network of facilities across the country, so can offer an office location close to client’s homes.

We welcome and regularly receive referrals from healthcare professionals working with individuals who may be experiencing difficulties as a result of a traumatic brain injury. If you are a healthcare professional and you believe an individual you are working with may have a brain injury and benefit from our support, you can contact us to make a referral.

Our firm is registered with and regulated by the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority).

Unlocking solutions: how we work

What happens next?

When we first see individuals and their families, we often encounter people who are struggling with symptoms and changes and trying to make sense of what is happening. It may not be clear what the solutions or next steps should be. This is where we can help, not only in terms of the legal process but also as specialists in brain injuries advising what is needed and co-ordinating high quality, specialist care.

At this stage, the primary need is for advice on possible next steps, assessment, rehabilitation and support. The legal process is very important as the funding vehicle for future care and support, although at an early stage, medical needs are the priority. For this reason, when we take on a client, we provide initial funding for assessment and immediate needs.

If you or a loved one may be affected by a brain injury and are looking for advice and support, please contact us.

Would you like further information?

    Would you like further information?

    Contact Us

    You are very welcome to contact Coulthursts if you would like further information or guidance. Please be assured that making contact with us will not incur any fees or commence a legal process of any kind.

    We are happy to provide further guidance on our services and information about concussion, head and brain injuries and do so without charge.