04 Mar 2024

A smart new move for Coulthursts

Coulthursts, the UK’s only law firm specialising entirely in pursuing claims for people with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), has moved to larger premises as part of a significant expansion plan to fight for fairer compensation for more survivors of TBI.

The brain injury lawyers have made the move to new offices in King Street, Manchester, to coincide with a staff recruitment drive aimed at increasing the depth of their legal expertise.

The firm, which supports claimants throughout the UK, has experienced a phenomenal increase in demand for its services since it pioneered a unique way of helping new clients by meeting some of the upfront costs for resources which kick start their rehabilitation before launching the legal process which will ultimately pay for it.

The scheme – which has been developed by the firm’s founders, experienced personal injury solicitor Philip Coulthurst, and medical practitioner Dr Richard Newland – has helped to speed up the process and greatly enhanced  the outcome for the firm’s clients.

At Coulthursts, the number of clients each lawyer has is very low, and much lower than many other firms. This has been a welcome surprise to the lawyers joining Coulthursts and means they have more time for each client and their families.

Coulthursts feel this is important on many levels, including to help avoid unnecessary delay and shorten the length of cases. It also gives each lawyer the time to focus on achieving the best result for each client, not only the compensation, but also the support, rehabilitation and quality of life

Brain Injury Solicitor Karen Hayes, who joined Coulthursts in November 2022, explains: “Over my 26 years’ experience of dealing with catastrophic and brain injured clients, for a variety of firms, I usually would have between 35-50 clients.

“Now, I only have around five clients to dedicate my time and focus my attention on. This is an anomaly, not an industry norm.”

Philip Coulthurst, who has more than 20 years’ experience as a solicitor, with a specialty in brain Injury, adds: “We are excited about our office move because it will continue serving our expanding needs.

“We are also excited about the quality of the people who make up our legal team and this will only become more enhanced as we continue to recruit.

“Enabling the recovery of our clients is always our first priority and this is why, long before any legal settlement is reached for them, we are often able to support their ongoing rehabilitation.

“Expediting the provision of therapy and specialist treatment for severely injured people not only speeds up their recovery, but also improves the quality of life they finally achieve. This is also why we work closely with a growing number of the UK’s leading charities and neurorehabilitation treatment centres in our specialist legal field of TBI.”

To ensure that the service provided to clients is the best possible, Coulthursts are always studying the latest developments in scientific research into the causes and treatment of TBI

They also keep a continuous watch on a panorama of changing social trends which could affect the legal rights of TBI patients. These can range from a greater understanding of long term sports injuries to the future implications of road accidents involving driverless cars.

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