13 Apr 2023

Coulthursts further strenghtens talented team

Coulthursts, The Brain Injury Lawyers, have further strengthened their top legal team with the arrival of Kevin Walker who has joined the firm as a Brain Injury Lawyer.

Kevin, who for 29 years has been handling large catastrophic injury claims of up to £10 million, brings a wealth of experience to Coulthursts which is the only law firm in the UK specialising entirely in helping people to rebuild their lives following the effects of a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

“Kevin has long had a special interest in brain injury cases, and is particularly excited about the groundbreaking way we help clients to rebuild their lives as quickly as possible by paying for the rehabilitation they need before we have settled their claims for damages,” says MD Philip Coulthurst.

“His past experience includes occupying a variety of very senior and niche legal roles, including managing a Serious and Catastrophic Injuries team, advising on complex workplace accidents, motorcycle accident claims, and assisting with claims relating to road traffic accidents here in the UK and in other countries. He will be a most helpful and resourceful addition to our team.”

Kevin adds: “I am delighted to be joining Coulthursts because their entire ethos so closely matches the specialised area of legal work to which I have devoted my working life.

“Few traumas are more destructive than TBIs which can blight not only the lives of those affected themselves, but also the families and loved ones who support them. Coulthursts’ system of funding the care they need, whilst at the same time pursuing their claim for damages, is wholly impressive and I am proud that I will now be a part of the company being able to offer its services to even more clients in need of this specialist help.”

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