04 Jul 2024

Princess Anne’s Equestrian Incident

Princess Anne recently sustained a head injury and concussion in a suspected equestrian mishap while out walking on her Gatcombe Park Estate in Gloucestershire.

Firstly, the mere fact that nobody, including the Princess herself, can be entirely sure how the mishap occurred, is a matter of some concern in itself. For the Princess cannot actually remember what happened and that is often a classic symptom of a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Secondly, at 73, the Princess is now entering the age group of more mature people who are at greater vulnerability of serious injury and are more likely to suffer serious consequences from knocks which may not affect younger people so severely.

The Princess was detained for several days in Southmead Hospital, Bristol, which is the major trauma centre for the region, and her next eight official engagements were cancelled including an official visit to Canada.

It is ironic that this stoic horsewoman, who competed in the 1976 Montreal Olympics and was voted the 1971 BBC Sports Personality of the Year, should be injured not from a riding mishap, but by being kicked or head butted by a horse while she was out for a peaceful Sunday evening walk in the countryside.

The Royals can always be assured of recuperation against a secure financial background. In contrast, less fortunate people may have to do so at a time when their injuries prevent them from ever returning to work.  It is for people in such a difficult position that, when a claim for compensation may be possible, Coulthursts have developed their unique system for providing TBI patients with the up-front resources they may need to recover and rebuild their lives while they pursue a claim for damages.

In many instances of TBI, a claim is perfectly possible, for example if the incident is sustained at a riding school or if you are injured by someone’s horse while out walking in the countryside.

A concussion should always be taken seriously, especially as it has the potential to impact on the life of the person who has sustained the injury and their loved ones.

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